ANF Yarn Specs

LACE WEIGHT 2400-4000YPP 200YDS@ 0.8-1.3oz.

FINGERING WEIGHT 1800-2400YPP 200YDS @ 1.4-1.7oz.

SPORT WEIGHT 1200-1800YPP 200YDS @ 1.8-2.6oz.

DK WEIGHT 900-1200YPP 200YDS @ 2.7-3.5oz.

WORSTED WEIGHT 700-900YPP 200YDS @ 3.6-4.5oz.

CHUNKY WEIGHT 500-700YPP 200YDS @ 4.6-6.4oz.

SUPER CHUNKY WEIGHT 500YPP and below 200YDS @ 6.4oz +

CORE SPUN YARN Not measured at YPP Needle size 17, Hook size Q and up