Preparing Your Fiber

Your fiber has just been harvested. Now the big question, what do I need to do to prepare it for processing?
The cleaner your fleeces arrive at the mill, the cleaner your product will return to you.

Processing Form

Click here to download your processing form. We require one form per fleece or multiple fleece blends. DO YOU NEED TO MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR ORDER? Contact Carrie 513-276-0528 for a change form.

Follow Our Processing Order

Our process starts with tumbling and washing, then onto picking and dehairing, next to the carder and draw frame, then onto spinning and plying, finally steaming and put into cones or skeins.

****Call For Current Turn Around Times 513-276-0528****


Now accepting PayPal with no additional processing fee. Pay your invoice immediately and receive your yarn faster!

America's Natural Fiberworks is a full service fiber processing mill using Belfast Mini Mill equipment. Utilizing this equipment we can provide a premium yarn to fiber producers around the country.

We believe that the quality you breed for is important and we treat your fiber harvest as such. We focus on quality because when you achieve success with your product we consider that a success for us! Your satifaction is our goal

Who we are

America's Natural Fiberworks is a natural fiber processing mill that specializes in alpaca fleece. With 14 years in the alpaca industry, Blessed Criations Alpacas and KB Alpacas have now joined together to bring a much needed service to a growing industry.

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What we do

America's Natural Fiberworks processes any natural fiber produced by domestic and exotic livestock. We have a history rich in the alpaca industry so we have a focus on alpaca, striving to educate and improve the industries focus on fiber.

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America's Natural Fiberworks is a full time fiber mill. You can contact us by phone or e-mail or text. The machines are loud, so please leave a message if your call is missed. You will be contacted by the end of the day.

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